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I would like to announce that VERCORE will soon venture into the field of health education. VERCORE will help provide community support and home care by training personal attendants and personal support workers.The Personal Attendant Training will be the academy's response to the needs of the growing aging population for trained caregivers.

I believe that a good health care education requires a broad range of abilities beyond dexterity skills. Our training will focus on the value of the role of attendants and personal support workers with emphasis on sensitivity and respect for the individuality of each client. The Personal Attendant Training shall provide the necessary health care skills to enable graduates to work from the heart as personal attendants and support workers!

Ver Cruz, President


Today's graduation marks another milestone at VERCORE. It is the time once again to honor its graduates. I would like to call all the Alumni to join hands in congratulating the new graduates and in welcoming them to the association.

The primary objective of VERCORE Alumni Association (VAA) is to provide a link among the alumni to be able to disseminate vital information on employment and current trends in the IT industry. VAA has its own place at VERCORE's website at Alumni which serves as a medium for in formation exchange among its membersits members as well as a venue for interaction among the alumni both professionally and socially.

To enable us to carry out the foregoing, I encourage all the alumni members to get involved. This is a fast way to touch base. Also, please, keep us posted on your e-mail addresses. E-mail us at vercore@vercore.com.

Rouslan Doubov, VAA President


VERCORE responds to the health care needs of Canadians. President Ver Cruz announces the inclusion of a Personal Attendant Training in the academy's present curriculum. Through graduates of the program, VERCORE shall provide assistance to persons who need long-term care and support services. Today, Canadians over 65 years old are 12% of the population. In 20 short years or by 2021, this is expected to increase to 20%, according to the Ontario Community Support Association.

The Personal Attendant Training focuses on building the proper attitude and approaches to enable the personal attendants to provide long term care that will ensure the well-being, comfort, safety and health of the people they support. Beyond the required skills and abilities, the training program explores the value of the attendant's role that reflects true sensitivity and respect for the individuality of their clients.


VERCORE invites visa students all over the world. In line with its objective of going international it has extended invitations to foreign students in Bulgaria, Russia, Central America, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Ethiopia, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.


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