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Notes for Foreign Students


Student who reside outside of Canada and wish to study at VERCORE must apply for a student authorization (student Visa) in the Canadian Consulate or Canadian Embassy nearest their area.

The applicant must fill up VERCORE’s application for training also known as Comprehensive fact sheet and send it on line together with the required documents. VERCORE will send an acknowledgment, go over the application and send an evaluation.


Payment of fees shall be made in Canadian Dollars through bank transfers.
Bank information will be provided to the applicant later.


The student shall be advised of the start dates of the training VERCORE organize a class within a minimum of five (5) trainees.


All training sessions are held in the lecture and lab rooms of VERCORE Business Academy. It is located at 65 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1K6.

VERCORE is conveniently located in the center of the city of Toronto with easy access to the many libraries and business establishments, which cater to the needs of international students.


Should a student wish to delay the commencement of a course, he is requested to advise VERCORE. A new letter of acceptance will be issued for a later date.


Student may pre-arrange their accommodation before they arrive in Toronto. A down payment of CDN $700.00 or $750.00 for a private room and breakfast and dinner payable to VERCORE is required for the first month.This amount should be spent at least two weeks before the Start date of the course and is not refundable.Should the student wish to change their accommodation after their first month, they must at least give two weeks’ notice to the host family.


If requested airport pick up can be arranged for an additional service charge of CDN $100.00. A representative of VERCORE will meet the student at the arrival gate after the person has cleared customs. A sign bearing his name shall be displayed and carried by the representatives for easy identification.


The cost of transportation may be minimized with the use of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Metro Pass, which costs CDN $99.50 a month. This Pass can be used when you go to all the different areas, which are accessed by the TTC routes. CDN $2.50 per trip is charged in the absence of TTC Metro Pass.
The cost of food varies from one eatery to another. Fast food centers are all over the city of Toronto. The costs of buffet lunch may vary from $6.99 and upwards. The presence of fast food centers for light sandwiches are likewise prevalent.


Foreign student are advised to bring with them Canadian Dollar Travellers’ Cheques or credit cards (Visa, Master Card or American Express) or Cash American dollars may likewise be carried.


All foreign students are required to get their own private medical insurance when they arrive in Canada.


Toronto is a cosmopolitan city and is considered a melting pot of many varied culture from all over the world.

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