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English for Technical Competence in Computer Hardware and Networking is a course designed to help the students learn how to speak English in relation to Personal Computer and Networking.The course is not a grammar course. It is a course for learning how to communicate in English, how the Personal Computer Functions and how Networking operates.


  • How to clearly express the thoughts and ideas using the English language as a medium of communication in relation to PC
  • What to know and how to ask for information about PC and networking
  • How to use DOS/Windows Operating System
  • How to use Dos/Windows Operating System
  • How the PC functions and how it is assembled
  • How does networking operate and what the networking essentials are
  • How does Windows NT Workstation function
  • How does the Server operate and utilize the resources to achieve economy
  • How to diagnose and explain computer hardware and networking problems in a troubleshooting environment

Training hours

  • 14 weeks, 5 days a week


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