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A diploma program which runs for 16 weeks, Monday to Friday for 4 hours per day. Designed to prepare students to become computer technicians, this comprehensive program provides them with an in-depth knowledge of the different components of Personal Computers as well as the latest technology and hands-on skills in the assembly, repair and troubleshooting of PCs. Students also learn the use software diagnostic tools and the latest on the software applications programs.


Lecture and hands-on training shall be provided by experts in computer hardware and networking.


  • Personal computer: an overview
  • Hardware - function and assembly
  • Disk Operating System
  • Troubleshooting environment
  • Software diagnostics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Installation of personal computer system
  • Upgrading of personal computer system
  • Wordprocessing
  • Customer relations
  • Job search


  • Grade 12 or mature students
  • Work experience on computer hardware
  • Graduates of certificate courses on hardware and software packages


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