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...has been organized to carry out the primordial objectives of the association which by and large shall contribute to the enhancement of the knowledge, technical skills and abilities of the graduates of VERCORE Business Academy.

The association shall be managed with the following guidelines:

  • All graduates of VERCORE Business Academy automatically qualify as members of VERCORE Alumni Association.
  • VERCORE Alumni Association shall be managed by five officers and two Directors. They are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer and Directors who may be assigned ad hoc functions.
  • The Association shall hold a meeting at least once a month to discuss the association's projects and activities.
  • The association shall also be responsible for organizing working committees such as: Education Committee, Membership and Fellowship Committee and other ad hoc committee for its future needs.
  • The association may assess fees among its members, the amount of which may vary, if it deems necessary.


  • To promote and strengthen harmony and community of interests among the members of VERCORE Alumni Association.
  • To serve as a training arm of VERCORE Business Academy to provide the members the necessary continuing education through seminars or symposia in line with the school’s Professional Development Program (PDP).
  • To serve as a catalyst and motivator to encourage its members to make the best use of their abilities thereby fulfilling themselves as professionals and work to pursue further education.
  • To provide their co-members a lending hand and assistance in their search for employment opportunities for advancement.
  • To promote the interests of the health care industry.




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